Elvis & Roy: The Lost Concert

At various times after topping the charts, Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison talked about what fun it would be to do a concert together like the old days when they tore along gravel roads touring dance halls and roadhouse joints to make money for Sam Phillips – of course now the halls would be classier and the music would include their hits, as well as other Sun Records rockabilly tunes. They would also be able to reminisce, each having moments to reflect on the talent of the other.


Sadly this never came to pass between these two legends, but Elvis tribute artist Peter Alden and Orbison tribute artist Brian McCullough couldn’t pass on the amazing opportunity to pay tribute to what might have been! They created a tribute called “Elvis & Roy: The Lost Concert.” You’ll be amazed as these stage veterans weave a vocal tapestry that will make you believe, even if only just for one magical night, that “The King” and “The Voice” got the opportunity to share the stage like they’d always dreamed.


This original creation has already delighted fans of both legendary artists, along with members of their bands, and their families. It ran for six months in Nashville and was featured at the Galveston Island Musicals and on tour on Florida’s East Coast. This 90 minute show features medleys and adaptations specifically created to capture the mutual respect and essence of a friendly performance with these two beloved superstars, which never actually happened but should have. Now it finally can!



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